Homepage of WTC II Sources
London Autograph
BWV 891,2 (b.67) 

J. S. Bach's
Well-Tempered Clavier II

A Source Study

By Yo Tomita



Chapter 1: Manuscript Sources

  • List of Manuscript Sources 
  • Genealogical Tree 
  • Traditions of WTC II 
  • Abbreviated Sources and Groups 
Uploaded: 15 September 1996 
This chapter is an extract from my Critical Commentary, vol. 2 (Leeds: Household World 1995), pp. viii-xvi. My main intention for depositing this information in the internet is to make available to my students and colleagues the most up-to-date information when available. 

Support Documents

  1. Early Models 
  2. Group A MSS 
  3. Group V MSS 
  4. Group H MSS 
  5. Group F MSS 
  6. Group K MSS 
Furhter details about individual sources will be appended in due course. 

Chapter 2: History of Compilation and the Layers of Revisions

  • The 'London Autograph' 
  • Groups in Compilation 
  • Stages in Revisions of WTC II as a whole 
  • Layers of Revisions in individual movements in Stages 
Uploaded: 5 January 1997 
This chapter is based on a series of my lecture on WTC II in November 1995. Converted in HTML format but exluded some of the copyright-sensitive materials. 

Support Documents

  1. Compilation 
  2. Revision Processes 
  3. Watermarks 
  4. Rastra 
  5. Bibliography 
The characters used in all the support documents may be too small to view on screen, but will be perfectly legible when printed out. 

Further Chapters and details will be added in due course.