Bach und die Romantik Bach and the Age of Romanticism
14 - 23 May 2004

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Beautiful Thomaskirche

Look at these images: the Thomaskirche is alive! It is very much part of people's life in Leipzig.

Opening reception at New City Hall, 14 May 2004

What a feast!

Organ Feast, 18 May 2004

The Organ Feast was not part of the public events, but a special luncheon arranged by the Bach-Archiv for the press people from the various parts of the world for our hard work reviewing Bachfest Leipzig! We all appreciated a glimpse of what Bach had in Halle 1716 after the hard work of organ examination!

Bachfest from the street

Leipzig had a great atmosphere during the festival day and night!

Leipzig reshaping!

  There were various parts in Leipzig where major rebuilding programmes were in progress, including the famous Marktplatz (building a new S-Bahn station).

Bach in Leipzig: another view!

  The most inexpensive drink in Leipzig was beer. (It is true that the bottle of water was more expensive!!). The image on the left is called "Johann Sebastian Bach"; the one on the centre is "Ur-Krostitzer", and the right "Radeberger".

They were all very nice!

Yo Tomita

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