Bach und die Romantik – Bach and the Age of Romanticism
14 - 23 May 2004

My day at Bachfest: 17 May 2004

During the day, I went to Berlin to do my own research work, and so the only time left for the Bachfest was in the evening. So I chose the concert of Mass in the Thomaskirche given by the young musicians of Leipzig. Among the performers were the familiar faces who were helping the running of the Bachfest itself, which was a pleasant discovery. Yet there were more important discoveries to be made from the performance itself. Despite their tender age, these young musicians were very accomplished technically, and performed with the spirit of the music and the air of authority. This is worth stressing, because there were concerts given by some international groups without these essential qualities.

No.23: Chorus and Orchestra Concert at Thomaskirche, 20:00


J.S. Bach: Sanctus C-Dur, BWV 237
J.S. Bach: Messe A-Dur, BWV 234
Ch. Gounod: Messe solennelle de Sainte Cécile G-Dur

Viktorija Kaminskaite (Sopran) Cornelia Rosenthal (Alt) Peter Diebschlag (Tenor) Ingolf Seidel (Bass)

Amici musicae, Jugendsinfonieorchester der Musikschule „J. S. Bach“ Leipzig
Leitung: Ron-Dirk Entleutner

Photo by Gert Mothes
  One aspect which made the lasting impression was the way the musicians made the clever use of this acoustic space available to them: BWV 237 was performed by the amici musicae from the chancel (where Bach’s body was laid) except trumpets and timpani placed in the balcony; BWV 234 from the chancel only; then Gounod from the gallery at the back of the Thomaskirche, reinforced by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Leipzig Music School “J. S. Bach”.
The quality of their performance was excellent. The choir, which was clearly very well trained, shaped every phrase carefully and pronounced the text with an air of authority. The soloists were all promising, too. Among those I thought most promising was the alto whose had beautiful colours.  
Photo by Gert Mothes

The way the programme was put together merits a few words of praise, too. The orchestral colours explored in Gounod’s composition contrasted extremely well with Bach’s pieces. In all it was a highly interesting acoustic experience in the Thomaskirche, rare opportunity to see such a contrasting and convincing programme. Well done to the future stars of Leipzig performers!

Yo Tomita

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