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Recent Major Updates

25 November 2002

Since the last report, there are a few important developments:

The number of records now reached: 18415.

22 May 2002

New and modified records can now be listed from this page, thanks to the work of Mr Evren Tekin, a promising student of mine at SARC.

The number of records now reached: 18191.


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26 August 2001

I have started the review of Japanese books, which are listed separately (click here).

The number of records now reached: 17565.

12 April 2001

The following keywords were revised so that a more useful search can be carried out from the "complex search":
The number of records now reached: 17239.

10 April 2001

I have finished incorporating data from "Das Bach-Schrifttum 1991 bis 1995" compiled by Karin Germerdonk (Bach-Jahrbuch 2000). I thank Hans-Joachim Schulze and Matthias Röder for making me available the text file. I have also made corrections to hundreds of incomplete data that are flagged as "unauthenticated" against several on-line catalogues (both publishers' and librariies).

The number of records now reached: 17203.

1 April 2001

I assembled links to "Conference Report and Unpublished Papers" in the database, which can be accessed from the "Essential Collection". The remaining collections, viz. Festschriften and Collections of Essays will be compiled in due course.

The number of records now reached: 16682.

26 March 2001

A long awaited information about 3. Internationales Dortmunder Bach-Symposion 2000 (biennial conference) is received from Ares Rolf. The papers read at the conference is under preparation for publication in a year time.

The number of records now reached: 16651.

16 March 2001

I have changed the way New Publication and Book Review pages display information, hoping that it is now easier to nagivate. Please send me comments, especially if you have problems with viewing the pages.

The number of records now reached: 16635.

9 January 2001

18 September 2000

During my stay in Utrecht from 11-16 September, I was able to collect over 40 new records, thanks to the kind assistance of Mr Joost van Gemert of Utrecht University Library. Some of which are listed separately in the "New publication".

The number of records now reached: 16343.

27 July 2000

I am pleased to announce that many of the recently published periodicals in German (between 1995 and 2000) are in the process of systematic scanning. Matthias Röder (PhD student at University of Bonn and Mozarteum in Satzburg), who kindly agreed to undertake this enormous task, has already completed NZsfM and ÖMzs, and many more titles to follow.

The number of records now reached: 16143.

26 June 2000

My own on-line 'Book Review' link is added to the database. So the simple/complex search result will now show the active links if there are any reviews on-line.

The number of records now reached 16100.

3 February 2000

During a week-long stay in Leipzig, I added 248 new items and updated ca.100 records, thanks to the generous assistance of the Staff at Bach-Archiv Leipzig and Leipziger Stadtbibliothek. Among these, several new books are listed under "New Publication". The following journals are now examined thoroughly: The number of records now reached 15829.

13 November 1999

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (both ZsfM and NZsfM) was examined thoroughly between 1836 and 1952, adding 121 items and updated ca.100 records, thanks to generous assistance of the Librarian and staff at Kunitachi College of Music Library. [click the link for the added items].

The number of records now reached 15519.

2 February 1999

18 January 1999

    The record has finally reached 15,000, thanks to all contributors, in particular to Andreas Jacob and Jeroen Knijff. To mark this occasion, I have made the following changes to the functionality of this service:
    1. The listing of both BG and NBA is now HTMLised on the web server. This hugely increased the speed of display, while also making listing in the proper order. Please visit "Essential Collections" to experience the change. The link provided from this page (i.e. on the year of publication) is linked to the main database, showing more information about the item if clicked.
    2. Every record search now displays "REVIEW" information (if registered), which was previously visible in "Full Record View" only.

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First created: 1 May 1997