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Vocal Cantata; Motet; Mass ( B-minor); Magnificat; Passions ( St Matthew / St John / St Luke / St Mark); Oratorio ( Christmas / Easter / Ascension); Chorale
Organ Sonata; Prelude and Fugue; Prelude; Fantasy; Toccata; Fugue; Passacaglia; Trio; Concerto; Small Harmonic Labyrinth; Orgelbüchlein; Schübler Chorales; 17/18 Chorales; Clavierübung 3; Organ Chorales; Canonic Variation
Invention and Sinfonia; 4 Duets from Clavierübung 3; Suites ( English, French); Clavierübung ( 1=Partita, 2=Italian Concerto/French Overture); Well-Tempered Clavier ( 1, 2); Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue; Concerto; Clavierübung 4 (Goldberg Var.)
Instrumental Suites for Lute; Unaccompanied Sonatas/Partitas (for violin, [Chaconne], cello, flute), Sonatas (for: violin, Gamba, flute) Concerto (for: violin, harpsichord); Brandenburg Concertos; Orchestral Suites
Canon; Musical Offering; Art of Fugue; Early Works; Late Works

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