9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music


'What but the tenderest dearest name of friend': Richard Goodson, Henry Purcell and Christ Church Mus. 1177

Robert Thompson

Richard Goodson's keyboard manuscript Christ Church Mus. 1177 has long been recognised as an interesting source of Purcell's keyboard music including some suite movements independent of A Choice Collection of 1696. Nevertheless, the presence in the prelude Z662/1 of engraving errors from A Choice Collection give the impression that Och 1177 is a relatively late Purcell source.

Examination of Goodson's writing and of the structure of the manuscript suggests both that the keyboard suite movements were copied at different times and that the quires forming Och 1177 need not have been assembled in chronological order. Most of the Purcell keyboard movements may in fact date from the first half of the 1680s, the probable date of other important Purcell copies made by Goodson; unlike the sonata and fantasia scores in Och 3 and 620, however, the keyboard movements in Och 1177 derive from unknown originals. If Richard Goodson is to be identified with 'R. G.', the author of a dedicatory poem in Orpheus Britannicus II, he claimed friendship with Purcell and may have had privileged access to manuscripts now lost.

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