9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music


Corelli in the Spanish provinces: the reception of Corelli´s sonatas in Jaca

Miguel Ángel Marín

If Corelli studies has virtually neglected the reception of his music in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Spain, the presence of sources containing Corelli's music in some music archives from the Spanish provinces has literally attracted no attention. This historiographical situation is probably related as much to the musicological community's scarce concern about Spain-based topics as to the pejorative, ungrounded association of music-making in provincial towns with an obscure and backward world. However, recent scholarship has shown that provincial towns and musicians were imbued in institutional and personal networks that enabled them to share a wide repertory with establishments and colleagues based on large cities. Indeed, the provinces did participate in an international repertory, if with some time-lag comparing with metropolitan cities. This paper uncovers an especially rich manuscript from early eighteenth-century Jaca, a peripherally located, small town in the Spanish Pyrenees. This source, partially done by a local handwriting probably in the 1720s, contains a good number of Corelli's works. This paper will attempt to contextualise the production of this source and the function of Corelli´s music in the musical life of a provincial town.

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