9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music


The Bohn Collection: The Performance of Hammerschmidt's Gespraeche ueber die Evangelia

Charlotte Leonard

The Bohn Collection manuscripts come from the libraries of the three main protestant churches of seventeenth-century Breslau (Wroclaw). Andreas Hammerschmidt is represented in this collection with organ tablature and parts of almost all the pieces found in his two printed collections, Musicalische Gespraeche ueber die Evangelia (1655) and Ander Theil Geistlicher Gespraeche ueber die Evangelia (1656). The organ tablature is essentially a score reduction of the printed parts.

However, the parts for one piece may include additional voices and brass instruments (primarily cornetts and sackbuts) to be added at tuttis in the cappella tradition, voices doubling original brass parts, an additional bass-line instrument to accompany instrumental sections, extra voices and brass instruments in the form of newly-composed parts that would provide fuller textures at tuttis, or a combination of the
above. Hammerschmidt encourages the addition of cappellen in his preface to the 1656 collection. This presentation will compare the printed parts with the tablature and hand-written parts found in the Bohn collection to demonstrate how the cappella tradition may have been practiced at Breslau.

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