9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music


Seventeenth Century Italian Manuscripts of Keyboard Music: Some New Sources

Dinko Fabris

Since 1980, when Alexander Silbiger has published his Catalogue raisonné of 51 Italian mss. of keyboard music, very few new sources have been found and investigated in public libraries both in Europe and overseas. The quantity of sources (apparently not less-important) that in the last two decades have been sold on the antiquarian market can change our knowledge of the circulation of the repertory in Italy during the 17th century. It is not by chance that a similar case has occured in recent times with English sources, being reappeared the Purcell-Draghi manuscript in 1993-4.
After tracing the state of researches on the Italian sources of 17th keyboard music, the author will discuss in particular 3 new manuscripts in private collections, completely unknown until now, whose content includes such composers as Frescobaldi, Cima, Trabaci.

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