9th Biennial Conference on Baroque Music 

Detailed Timetable

This timetable is provisional. It was posted on 13 April 2000 and will be confirmed not later than 20 April.
Select the date Thursday, 13 July Friday, 14 July Saturday, 15 July Sunday, 16 July
Strand One
Strand Two
Strand Three
9-11.00 Plenary session on Bach
9.00–9.40 John Butt:'Bach in the 21st Century—Re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance'
9.40–10.20 Robin Leaver: 'Eschatology, Theology and Music: Death and beyond in Bach’s Vocal Music'
10.20–11.00 Hans-Joachim Schulze: 'Bach at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century'
-- Coffee break --
11.30–1.00 Roundtable discussion
  (1)Performing Bach Today: Bach's Choir and his performance force
(2) Bach research from theologial perspective today
(3) Current research into the Bach Reception 
The above sessions will take place one after another.
The Chair and the panel will be announced shortly
-- Lunch Break --
2.00–3.30 Performance practice: instruments, playing and tuning Music theory and musical practice in the Baroque era Mid 17th-century composers in central and north-eastern Europe
2.00–2.30 Robert Rawson
Basso continuo instumentation at the court of Olomouc-Kromeriz in the 17th century
Warren Stewart
L'uso moderno: tonal coherence in 17th-century Italian polyphony
Charlotte Leonard
The Bohn collection: the performance of Hammerschmidt's Gespräche über die Evangelia
2.30–3.00 Charles Gower Price
Antique grace in vogue: free ornamentaion in the instumental doubles of Montéclair
Michael Dodds
Classifying and representing the tuoni ecclesiastici: an epistemological quandary for seicento music theorists
Frederick Gable
A concerted Missa brevis for solo voice by Thomas Selle
3.00–3.30 Samantha Owens
String instruments at the Wuerttemberg court c. 1717: identification of the hand gamba
Gregory Barnett
G.M. Bonocini's theory in practice, a theme and variations of modal exemplification
Niels Martin Jensen
An analytical approach to the instrumental chamber
music of Antonio Bertali (1605-69)
-- Coffee break --
4.00–5.30 Baroque compositional style: historical and modern concepts Frescobaldi and 17th-century Italian keyboard music
4.00–4.30 Harry White
Johann Joseph Fux and the question of 'Einbau' technique
Peter Hauge
Zarlino's senario and the development of the major/minor keys with particular reference to English music theory
Alexander Silbiger
On Frescobaldi's recreation of the ciaccona and the passacaglia
4.30–5.00 Kurt Markstrom
Caesura and early 18th-century periodic style
(vacant) (vacant)
5.00–5.30 Miguel Mera
Representing the Baroque (The portrayal of historical period in film music)
Paul Murphy
Harmonic theories and harmonic practices of the Spanish Baroque as presented in the works of Andrés Lorente, Pablo Nassarre, and José de Torres
Dinko Fabris
17th century Italian manuscripts of keyboard music: some new sources
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