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Dimension: 23 x 15.6 x 1.8 cm
TITLE Hans-Joachim Schulze (ed): Johann Sebastian Bach. Documentos sobre su vida y su obra. Prólogo, traducción z revisión de Juan José Carreras.
PUBL. DETAILS Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 2001. 272p; Paperback.
ISBN 84-206-7896-1
TO ORDER Arianza Editorial, Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena 15, 28027 Madrid, Spain. Tel: 91-393-88-76; Fax: 91-741-43-43 y 320 74-80. e-mail:
DESCRIPTION Spanish translation of Johann Sebastian Bach. Leben und Werk in Dokumenten (1975).
WORKS COVERED BWV 21, 29, 61, 75, 144, 194, 198, 205a, 213-5, 244a, 525-30, 599-650, 669-89, 802-5, 825-30, 846-93, 933-38, 971, 988, 1003, 1074, 1079-80, Anh. 9, 13-14, 18.
READERSHIP Students and Music lovers who are interested in Bach's life.
RESEARCH CONTRIBUTION Great service to Spanish readers.

T his is a Spanish edition of Johann Sebastian Bach. Leben und Werk in Dokumenten, ed. Hans-Joachim Schulze (1975), an abridged version of the Bach-Dokumente, I-III (1963-72).
It is similar in concept to the Bach Reader (New York: W.W.Nortion, 1998) in English in the sense that the letters and documents are not arranged chronologically but by topic; here 361 extracts are arranged in 25 topics. It is an essential reading for anyone interested in Bach's life.

Essential reading if you are Spanish

This Spanish edition has the following extra features that are not found in the original German edition:
  1. an extended 42-page prologue by the editor, Juan José Carreras
  2. index of Bach’s works cited
  3. concordance to the Bach-Dokumente (thus each letter and document has a serial number in the same way as the Bach Reader or Bach-Dokumente)
  4. updated chronology (by taking information from Christoph Wolff’s Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician. Oxford, 2000)
  These make it essential reading, especially if your native tongue is Spanish.
Published online on 5 December 2002

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