To authors and publishers,
21 March 2001
Re. Book Review Programme on the Bach Bibliography

I started this book review programme in January 2000 to mark the quarter millennium celebration of Bach’s death. The aim was to furnish the present form of musicological resource (i.e. searchable bibliographic database) with more detailed and substantial information about the currently-available publications, so that the scholars and students might be able to determine whether or not they would need for their own studies. To this date, the number of on-line reviews stands at 35, with five on the waiting list.

Unlike those reviews published in the traditional media (e.g. academic journals and newspapers), my reviews feature not only my independent, critical opinion of the publication itself, but also a host of other information that is vital to prospective readers, such as the list of Bach’s works discussed therein, the targeted readership, research contributions, and how to purchase it (with active link to the publisher’s homepage and email). They prove to be popular among the regular visitors of the Bach Bibliography.

All my reviews can be accessed from the “On-line Book Review” page, listed in the chronological order of review; there is also an alphabetical index. In addition, they are integrated into the database, so that you can call the review page from the search results produced from both “Simple Search” and “Complex Search”.

For this on-going research project, I am seeking your continuing support by sending in a review copy of the books, facsimiles and editions of highly scholarly value that are on your current publication list to the following address:

Dr Yo Tomita
The Bach Bibliography
School of Music
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN, UK
At present, there are about 100 visitors to the Bach Bibliography everyday, and I am confident that it will do excellent service to boost people's awareness of your publications.
Yo Tomita