Belfast, 2-4 November 2007

Public Lectures, Seminars & Workshops for Communities

Admission to the public sessions is FREE, however, the number of seats is limited. It is possible to reserve a seat by paying a reservation fee of £5 (cash or cheque only). For further details please contact the Secretary, School of Music and Sonic Arts, Queen's University Belfast, BT7 1NN

Wednesday, 31 October 2007, Old McMordie Hall, School of Music & Sonic Arts

Postgraduate Research Seminar: 1-2pm

Professor Robin A. Leaver of  Westminster Choir College of Rider University, USA, an international authority in this field. He is going to speak on "Neither Oratorio nor Cantata, but Related to Both: the Passions of Bach"

Public Lecture A: 2.30-4 pm on the Liturgical Music in the time of Bach with special emphasis on Oratorios

This lecture (jointly hosted by QUB and CBSM) is for A-Level students given by Professor Robin Leaver.

Public Lecture B: 7-9pm on Bach’s B-minor Mass

This lecture (jointly hosted by QUB and USOC) is for Bach enthusiasts (esp. choral singers & conductors) given by Professor Robin Leaver.

Prof. Robin A. Leaver

Thursday, 1 November 2007, Harty Room, School of Music & Sonic Arts

Keyboard Workshop: 10-12:30, jointly hosted by QUB, Ulster Hall, and USOC)

Tutors: Colm Carey (harpsichord and organ), Philippa Waite (baroque dance)

This is a workshop for young pianists of Grade 8 or above standard. It will be a rare opportunity for pianists to work with a professional organist, scholar/performer, and a Baroque dancer, exploring two specific areas:

  1. Learning to play the Early Keyboard Instruments to appreciate how Bach originally created his sound world, and

  2. Learning some aspects of the Baroque dance, which is fundamental to the sound understanding of general characters in any Baroque compositions.

The participants can stay on to have individual lessons with the artists in the School of Music building.

Chamber Orchestra Workshop: 14:30-17:30 in the Harty Room, jointly hosted by QUB, CBSM, and Ulster Orchestra

Tutors: Fred Fehleisen (baroque violin), Philippa Waite (baroque dance)

The Ulster Youth Orchestra is to work with a Baroque Violinist from New York who will provide a lecture on Baroque dance as well as instrumental and ensemble coaching; dance workshop for musicians is run by Philippa Waite as part of this session. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF FINISHING TIME.

We acknowledge with gratitude the sponsorship from the following partners: Belfast City Council, Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, City Belfast of School of Music, and Ulster Orchestra.

Public Events from the International Symposium: Understanding Bach's B-minor Mass

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