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Book of the Month, October 1999


In this new series starting from January 1998, I am featuring each month the book which I consider in the best of my knowledge the most important publication for the scholary community of J S Bach.

Albert Clement: Der dritte Teil der Clavierübung von Johann Sebastian Bach. Musik - Text - Theologie. (Almares: Middelburg 1999) xii + 450 pp
Johann Sebastian Bach's Clavierübung Part III, published in 1739, is his most extensive and  significant collection of works for the organ. It can be demonstrated that in Bach's ingenious overall plan, his thoughts on musical, theological, mathematical and practical aspects are all marvellously united. This book attempts further to ascertain Bach's intentions, especially with regard to the relationship between music, text and theology. This interdisciplinary approach leads to a series of new points of view. The resulting interpretation of the individual compositions is preceeded each time by a critical approach of the research literature.

This monograph can also serve as a reference book for this important work.

Author Albert Clement (1962) studied organ at the Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg, musicology at the State University of Utrecht and theology at the State University of Leiden. He received his teacher's and performer's diploma organ in 1986 and 1988 respectively. In 1987 he received his musicology degree and in 1989  his Utrecht doctorate for a dissertation on Bach (both degrees with highest distinction). Subsequently the Royal Netherlands Academy of  Arts and Sciences granted him - as the first musicologist in the Netherlands - a research post at the University of Utrecht, which was replaced by the post of associate professor at the same university in 1996.

He is the author of numerous publications on the music of the 17th and 18th centuries; in addition he gives lectures and concerts in the Netherlands and abroad. In cooperation with his wife, Margreeth Chr. de Jong, he has made two CD recordings on historic organs.

Having been a member of the Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für theologische Bachforschung (International Society for theological Bach Research) since 1991, he has been elected as its new president in October 1999. He is co-editor (period 1600-1800) of the journal ('TVNM') of the Royal Society of Dutch Music history and General editor of the series Exempla Musica Zelandica of the Royal Zeeland Society of Sciences. In 1993 he was awarded the prize for arts and sciences of the Province of Zeeland.

How to get a copy The book can be ordered by payment of hfl 148 (Netherlands) / hfl 158 (Europe) / hfl 168 (non-Europe) without charges on account nr. 717 2346 of Edita Almares, Postbank, Arnhem. 

It is also possible to e-mail the author: clement@zeelandnet.nl.

Yo Tomita, 19 October 1999

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