Manchester, 14th-18th July 2004


Barbara Nestola (Centre de Musique Baroque, Versailles)

Giovanni Antonio Guido, musician of the Duke of Orléans

Giovanni Antonio Guido was an Italian violinist and composer.  He was born in Genoa during the second half of the 17th century.  His family moved then to Naples, where he carried out his musical formation towards the end of the century.  His presence in France is first attested in 1702.  He became a musician of Duke Philippe d’Orléans, a well-known patron of Italian music in Paris.  Guido was in contact with all the composers, Italian and French, of the Duke’s circle, such as Michele Mascitti, Jean-Baptiste Stuck, Jean-Baptiste Morin….

Guido’s extant music seems to belong to his French period.  In this paper Guido’s activity will be examined by introducing his musical compositions, mostly printed by French publishers.  Alongside the music, contemporary documents concerning his French stay (chronicles and press articles) will be shown in order to elucidate the role he played in the evolving French musical context during the first three decades of the 18th century.

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