Manchester, 14th-18th July 2004


Daniele V. Filippi (Università degli Studi di Pavia, Cremona, Italy)

Wandering in the selva armonica: Giovanni Francesco Anerio and the Oratorian devotional aesthetics

Giovanni Francesco Anerio (1569-1630) was born in a family of musicians closely related to the circle of S. Filippo Neri, the “apostle of Rome” and founder of the Congregazione dell’Oratorio. In 1617 Anerio published the collection Selva armonica, dove si contengono motetti, madrigali, canzonette, dialoghi, arie à una, doi, tre & quattro voci; some of the spiritual lyrics included in this miscellaneous book are by Agostino Manni, the Oratorian poet, author of the libretto for the Rappresentazione di Anima et di Corpo set to music by Emilio de’ Cavalieri. These texts were originally published in Manni’s Esercizi spirituali and are excellent examples of Oratorian spirituality and aesthetics.

This paper will try to investigate the way in which Anerio composed his spiritual madrigals in accordance to the same perspective: muovere, parlare al cuore… Which stylistic features make clear his adherence to this conception of poetry and music?

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