Manchester, 14th-18th July 2004


Charles Downey (Washington, USA)

Renault in history: participants, contemporary accounts

A complex web of related sources preserves the contributions of several men—poets, composers, producers, designers, and a king—to the creation of the Ballet de la délivrance de Renault. The same musical and textual sources, as well as related historical documents, also tell us about those who performed the ballet for the first and only time on that extraordinary night in late January 1617. The performers include not only professional musicians and dancers but, according to the tradition of the ballet de cour, court nobles of various degrees and the monarch himself. Based on the evidence that can be gleaned from the sources at hand, what we can learn about those who participated in this singular event and how may we relate the work to its historical context through them are the matters that this paper will examine.

Last updated on 09 May 2004