Manchester, 14th-18th July 2004

Conference Noticeboard

From the Organising Committee

Latest announcements on 23 June 2004

  1. Your map and directions to RNCM (two-page information sheet in pdf) containing all the essential information for your journey from airport/train station to the registration desk are now available for downloading. (If you cannot view the document, you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  2. Handouts --- it is your responsibility to duplicate and carry them to the conference. As a general guideline, 40 copies should be sufficient.
  3. Equipments in MMU lecture rooms --- all rooms have a Data Projector (for PowerPoint presentation), CD, DVD and VCR playback, Visualiser (which captures an image with a video camera and project it on to the screen --- an advanced form of OHP), a Windows XP machine (with PowerPoint installed) connected to an interactive whiteboard.

We had three offers to host the 12th conference; we welcome to receive more offers from you.

Post-conference matters

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