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Series : IrishMStud
Volume : 8
Author Title Series Vol No Year Pages NB
Abravaya, IdoThe Baroque upbeat: outline of its typology and evolution. IrishMStud8 2004 17-28
White, HarryJohann Joseph Fux and the question of Einbau technique. IrishMStud8 2004 29-48
Stockigt, Janice B.The royal Polish and electoral Saxon court and state calendars, 1728-50. IrishMStud8 2004 49-64
Kan, RebeccaVivaldi, Bach and their concerto slow movements. IrishMStud8 2004 65-91
Butler, Gregory G.The prelude to the third English Suite BWV 808: an allegro concerto movement in ritornello form. IrishMStud8 2004 93-101
Franklin, Don O.Composing in time: Bach's temporal design for the Goldberg Variations. IrishMStud8 2004103-128
Leaver, Robin A.Eschatology, theology and music: death and beyond in Bach's vocal music. IrishMStud8 2004129-147
Stephen, J. DrewBach's horn parts: alternatives to nodal venting and hand stopping. IrishMStud8 2004149-160
Elste, MartinBach in North America during the shellac era (1900-50): early sound documents of art and commerce. IrishMStud8 2004161-178
Fabian, DorottyaBach performance practice in the twentieth century: recordings, reviews and reception. IrishMStud8 2004179-189
Butt, JohnBach in the twenty-first century: re-evaluating him from the perspective of performance. IrishMStud8 2004191-204
Tomita, YoBach's Credo in England: an early history. IrishMStud8 2004205-227
Boydell, Barra'This most crabbed of all earthly music': the performance and reception of Bach's vocal music in Dublin in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. IrishMStud8 2004229-246
Schulze, Hans-JoachimBach at the turn of the twenty-first century. IrishMStud8 2004247-260
Leahy, Anne; Tomita, YoBach Studies from Dublin: Selected papers presented at the ninth biennial conference on Baroque music, held at Trinity College Dublin from 12th to 16th July 2000. IrishMStud8 2004270p

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