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Buelow, George J.Expressivity in the accompanied recitatives of Bach's cantatas. BachStud1 1989 18-35
Marshall, Robert L.On the origin of Bach's Magnificat: a Lutheran composer's challenge. BachStud1 1989 3-17
Crist, Stephen A.Aria forms in the Cantatas from Bach's first Leipzig Jahrgang. BachStud1 1989 36-53
Brainard, PaulThe regulative and generative roles of verse in Bach's 'thematic' invention. BachStud1 1989 54-74
Chafe, Eric T.The St John Passion: theology and musical structure. BachStud1 1989 75-112
Mann, AlfredBach's parody technique and its frontiers. BachStud1 1989115-124
Stinson, RussellThree organ-trio transcriptions from the Bach circle: keys to a lost Bach chamber work. BachStud1 1989125-159
Stauffer, George B.'This fantasia... never had its like': on the enigma and chronology of Bach's Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 903. BachStud1 1989160-182
Williams, Peter F.French overture conventions in the hands of the young Bach and Handel. BachStud1 1989183-193
Siegele, UlrichThe four conceptual stages of the Fugue in C Minor, WTC I. BachStud1 1989197-224
Brokaw, James A., II.The genesis of the Prelude in C Major, BWV 870. BachStud1 1989225-239
Franklin, Don O.Reconstructing the Urpartitur for WTC II: a study of the 'London Autograph' (BL Add. MS 35021). BachStud1 1989240-278
Finscher, LudwigBach in the eighteenth century. BachStud1 1989281-296
Zenck, MartinTradition as authority and provocation: Anton Webern's confrontation with Johann Sebastian Bach. BachStud1 1989297-322
Herz, GerhardThe human side of the American Bach sources. BachStud1 1989323-350
Franklin, Don O.Bach Studies. [1] BachStud1 1989362p

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