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Series : BachPerspectives
Volume : 5
Author Title Series Vol No Year Pages NB
Owen, BarbaraBach Comes to America. BachPerspectives5 2003 1-14
Dirst, MatthewDoing Missionary Work: Dwight's Journal of Music and the American Bach Awakening. BachPerspectives5 2003 15-35
Broyles, MichaelHaupt's Boys: Lobbying for Bach in Nineteenth-Century Boston. BachPerspectives5 2003 37-55
Greer, Mary J.'The Public...Would Probably Prefer Something that Appeals Less to the Brain and More to the Senses': The Reception of Bach's Music in New York City, 1855-1900. BachPerspectives5 2003 57-114
Schulze, Hans-Joachim'A Lineal Descendant of the Great Musician, John Sebastian Bach'? Bach Descendants in the United States and the Problem of Family Oral Tradition. BachPerspectives5 2003115-122
Wolff, ChristophDescendants of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach in the United States. BachPerspectives5 2003123-130
Wollny, PeterOn Miscellaneous American Bach Sources. BachPerspectives5 2003131-150
Baron, Carol Kitzes'Father Knew (and Filled Me Up with) Bach': Bach and Ives--Affinities in Lines and Spaces. BachPerspectives5 2003151-177
Crist, Stephen A.The Role and Meaning of the Bach Chorale in the Music of Dave Brubeck. BachPerspectives5 2003179-215
Crist, Stephen A.Bach in America. BachPerspectives5 2003xiv, 227p

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