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Series : BachPerspectives
Volume : 4
Year : 1999
Author Title Series Vol No Year Pages NB
Butler, Gregory G.The Question of Genre in J. S. Bach's Fourth Brandenburg Concerto. BachPerspectives4 1999 9-32
Mann, AlfredIntroduction: Bach's Orchestral Music. BachPerspectives4 1999 3-8
Swack, JeanneModular Structure and the Recognition of Ritornello in Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. BachPerspectives4 1999 33-53
Koster, JohnThe Harpsichord Culture in Bach's Environs. BachPerspectives4 1999 57-77
Oleskiewicz, MaryThe Trio in Bach's Musical Offering: A Salute to Frederick's Tastes and Quantz's Flutes? BachPerspectives4 1999 79-110
Schulenberg, DavidVersions of Bach: Performing Practice in the Keyboard Works. BachPerspectives4 1999111-135
Renwick, William39. Praeludia et Fugen del Signor Johann Sebastian Bach? The Langloz Manuscript, SBB Mus. ms. Bach P 296. BachPerspectives4 1999137-158
Walker, PaulFugue in the Music-Rhetorical Analogy and Rhetoric in the Development of Fugue. BachPerspectives4 1999159-179
Butt, JohnBach Recordings since 1980: A Mirror of Historical Performance. BachPerspectives4 1999181-198
Schulenberg, DavidThe Music of J. S. Bach. Analysis and Interpretation. BachPerspectives4 1999x, 208p

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