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Series : BachPerspectives
Volume : 3
Year : 1998
Author Title Series Vol No Year Pages NB
Finscher, LudwigBach's Posthumous Role in Music History. BachPerspectives3 1998 1-21
Christensen, ThomasBach among the Theorists. BachPerspectives3 1998 23-46
Marshall, Robert L.Bach and Mozart's Artistic Maturity. BachPerspectives3 1998 47-79
Kinderman, WilliamBachian Affinities in Beethoven. BachPerspectives3 1998 81-108
Frisch, WalterBach, Brahms, and the Emergence of Musical Modernism. BachPerspectives3 1998109-131
Hinton, StephenHindemith, Bach, and the Melancholy of Obligation. BachPerspectives3 1998133-150
Marissen, MichaelCreative Responses to Bach from Mozart to Hindemith. BachPerspectives3 1998ix, 160p

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