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Series : [cr]Utrecht1990
Year : 1992
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Wolff, ChristophThe Identity of the 'Fratro Dilettissimo' in the Capriccio B-flat Major and Other Problems of Bach's Early Harpsichord Works. [cr]Utrecht1990 1992145-156
Dirksen, PieterThe Background to Bach's Fifth Brandenburg Concerto. [cr]Utrecht1990 1992157-185
Breig, WernerZur Werkgeschichte von Bachs Cembalokonzert in A-Dur (BWV 1055). [cr]Utrecht1990 1992187-215
Schleuning, PeterThe Chromatic Fantasia of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Genesis of Musical 'Strum und Drang'. [cr]Utrecht1990 1992217-229
Dirksen, PieterThe Harpsichord and its Repertoire. [cr]Utrecht1990 1992ix, 275p

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