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Series : [cr]Philadelphia1985
Year : 1986
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Korn, MichaelMusical and Numerical Symbolism in the Large Choral Works: Bach's Secret Code. [cr]Philadelphia1985 19861-9
Dreyfus, LaurenceThe Articulation of Genre in Bach's Instrumental Music. [cr]Philadelphia1985 198610-38
Wolff, ChristophBach the Cantor, the Capellmeister, and the Musical Scholar: Aspects of the B-Minor Mass. [cr]Philadelphia1985 198639-49
Marshall, Robert L.On Bach's Universality. [cr]Philadelphia1985 198650-81
Jeske, Richard L.Bach as Biblical Interpreter. [cr]Philadelphia1985 198682-94
Heckscher, Martin; et alThe Universal Bach: Lectures Celebrating the Tercentenary of Bach's Birthday. Fall 1985. [cr]Philadelphia1985 1986vii, 94p

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