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Kevorkian, TanyaCultural Transfer, Cultural Competition, and Religious Diversity in Leipzig during the Baroque Era. [cr]Belfast20071 2007 1-10
Cameron, Jasmin M.Placing the 'Et incarnatus' and 'Crucifixus' in Context: Bach and the Panorama of the Baroque Mass Tradition. [cr]Belfast20071 2007 11-26
Maul, MichaelHow Relevant is Count Jan Adam von Questenberg for the Genesis of the B-minor Mass? A Preliminary Report. [cr]Belfast20071 2007 27-32
Paczkowski, SzymonOn the Role and Meaning of the Polonaise in the Mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach as Exemplified by the Aria 'Quoniam tu solus sanctus'. [cr]Belfast20071 2007 33-51
Stockigt, Janice B.Consideration of Bach's Kyrie e Gloria BWV 232I within the Context of Dresden Catholic Mass Settings, 1729-1733 [cr]Belfast20071 2007 52-92
Unger, Melvin P.Chiastic Reflection in the B-minor Mass: Lament's Paradoxical Mirror. [cr]Belfast20071 2007 93-115
Stauffer, George B.The Symbolum Nicenum of the B-minor Mass and Bach's Late Choral Ideal. [cr]Belfast20071 2007116-117
Tatlow, RuthParallel Proportions, Final Revisions and the Status of Manuscript P 180. [cr]Belfast20071 2007118-136
Siegele, UlrichSome Observations on the Formal Design of Bach's B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20071 2007137-149
Dalton Greer, MaryBach's Calov Bible and his Quest for the Title of Royal Court Composer. [cr]Belfast20071 2007150-176
Leaver, Robin A.How 'Catholic' is Bach's 'Lutheran' Mass? [cr]Belfast20071 2007177-206
Shabalina, Tatiana [Shabalina, Tat'jana]Manuscript score No. 4500 in St. Petersburg: A new source of the B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20071 2007207-225
Wolf, UweMany problems, different solutions: Editing Bach's Mass in B minor. [cr]Belfast20071 2007226-233
Schulze, Hans-JoachimJ.S. Bach's Mass in B minor: Observations and Hypotheses with regard to some Original Sources. [cr]Belfast20071 2007234-238
Knijff, Jan-PietPerforming Bach's B-minor Mass: Some Notes by Heinrich Schenker. [cr]Belfast20071 2007239-258
Golomb, UriIntensity, Complexity and Musical Rhetoric in Performances of the B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20071 2007258-277
Leisinger, UlrichViennese Traditions of the Mass in B Minor. [cr]Belfast20071 2007278-285
Hartinger, AnselmA 'fairly correct copy of the mass'? Mendelssohn's score of the B-minor Mass as a document of the Romantics' view on matters of performance practice and source criticism. [cr]Belfast20071 2007286-291
Pardee, KatharineThe Mass in B Minor in Nineteenth-Century England. [cr]Belfast20071 2007292-308
Shabalina, Tatiana [Shabalina, Tat'jana]Reception History of the Mass in B minor in Russia. [cr]Belfast20071 2007309-321
Luongo, PaulTheodore Thomas's 1902 Performance of Bach's Mass in B Minor: Working within the Grand American Festival. [cr]Belfast20071 2007322-343
Isoyama, TadashiThe B-minor Mass and Japanese People: A Problematical Issue of 'Universality'. [cr]Belfast20071 2007344-351
Smaczny, JanBach's B-minor Mass: An Incarnation in Prague in the 1860s and its Consequences. [cr]Belfast20071 2007352-356
Tomita, Yo; Crean, Elise; Mills, IanInternational Symposium: Understanding Bach's B-minor Mass. Discussion Book 1. Full Papers by the Speakers at the Symposium on 2, 3 and 4 November 2007. [cr]Belfast20071 2007x, 356p
Parrott, AndrewVocal Ripienists and the Mass in B minor. [cr]Belfast20071 [supplement 1] Nov 200724p
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Mass, Bach's Missa, and the Arrogance of Editing. [cr]Belfast20071 [supplement 2] Nov 200714p
Stauffer, George B.The Symbolum Nicenum of the B-minor Mass and Bach's Late Choral Ideal. [cr]Belfast20071 [supplement 3] Nov 200711p
Wolff, Christoph'Et Incarnatus' and 'Crucifixus': The Earliest and Latest Settings of Bach's B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20072 2007357-367
Tomita, Yo; Kovacevic, Tanja; [Kovačević]International Symposium: Understanding Bach's B-minor Mass. Discussion Book 2. Resource Book. [cr]Belfast20072 2007357-511p
Walker, PaulBach's Use of Fugue in the Stile Antico Vocal Writing of the B-Minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20072 2007368-386
Kobayashi, YoshitakeUniversality in Bach's B Minor Mass: A Portrait of Bach in His Final Years. [cr]Belfast20072 2007387-403
Dadelsen, Georg vonFriedrich Smend's Edition of the B-minor Mass by J. S. Bach. [cr]Belfast20072 2007404-424
Petzoldt, MartinDogma set to music: Theological aspects of Bach's B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20072 2007425-434
Tatlow, RuthNumerical Ordering in Bach's B-minor Mass. [cr]Belfast20072 2007435-445
Franklin, Don O.A Guide to the Temporal Structure of the 1733 Missa. [cr]Belfast20072 2007446-458
Hoshino, HiromiJ. S. Bach's Mass in B minor: A Study of its Reception History in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century especially regarding the Activities of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. [cr]Belfast20072 2007459-473
Towe, Teri NoelThe Coates Continuo Conundrum Clarified. [cr]Belfast20072 2007474-491
[Kovacevic, Tanja; Tomita, Yo; Leaver, Robin A.]B-minor Mass: Select Bibliography. [cr]Belfast20072 2007492-504

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