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Hader, WidmarThe New and Musical Archaeology: Thoughts on the Occasion of the Bach and Schweitzer Year 2000. CompostelaPrize2 2002 31-37
Slovák, JanWhat Counts More: Rules or Intuition? CompostelaPrize2 2002 38-42
Osolsobe, PetrUnderstanding Complexity with Johann Sebastian Bach. CompostelaPrize2 2002 43-48
Quintana Paz, Miguel ÁngelOn Hermeneutical Ethics and Education: 'Bach als Erzieher'. CompostelaPrize2 2002 49-109
Fuchs, TorstenBach and Weißenfels: The Key to the Second Wife? CompostelaPrize2 2002122-131
Wagner, UndineBach's Connection to Bohemia - Bohemia's Connection to Bach. A Study Concerning Historical Reception. CompostelaPrize2 2002132-165
Noll, RainerAlbert Schweitzer and Music. CompostelaPrize2 2002169-176
Schultz, IngoAlbert Schweitzer's Organ Concerts in 1923 and 1928. CompostelaPrize2 2002177-182
Felix, DetlefBach and Kenya. CompostelaPrize2 2002183-187
Mahrenholz, Jürgen ChristianJohann Sebastian Bach's B Minor Mass and the Ecumenical Movement. CompostelaPrize2 2002191-204
Bogdan, Izabela; Miernikiewicz, Patryk'Confessio fidei Bachiana'. Religious Experience of God in the Works of Johann Sebastian Bach. CompostelaPrize2 2002205-215
Hrcková, Nad'aReflections of Bach in Contemporary Slovak Music. CompostelaPrize2 2002239-244
Adamov, NorbertPost-Modern Concept of Bach in Slovakia: 250 Years After. CompostelaPrize2 2002245-252
Kajanová, YvettaJohann Sebastian Bach and The Modern Jazz Quartet. A Desire for Sonic Sensualism or Seriousness. CompostelaPrize2 2002253-260
Stránská, LenkaJean Sébastien Bach, une figure incontournable dans les arts plastiques: la fugue telle qu'elle est perçue par les plasticiens au vingtičme sičcle. CompostelaPrize2 2002261-294

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