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1. Bertoglio, Chiara:   Enhancing the Spectacular: Busoni on Bach's Goldberg Variations. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
2. Blanken, Christine:   A University Student as Librettist - Important Impetus for Bach's Church Music in Leipzig. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
3. Borghesi, Maria:   Italian Instructive Editions of Bach's Two-Part Inventions, c.1870-1985. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
4. Brookshire, Bradley:   Edwin Fischer and Bach-Pianism of the Weimar Republic. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
5. Butt, John; Tomita, Yo; Marissen, Michael; Varwig, Bettina:   Principles of Performance Lost and Gained: John Butt on Bach-related subjects in conversation with Yo Tomita, Michael Marissen and Bettina Varwig. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
6. Cressy, Thomas:   Bahha: Bach and Japan. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
7. Fazekas, Gergely:   The conflict of symmetrical form and text setting by J. S. Bach. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
8. Frampton, Andrew:   A Copyist of Bach and Zelenka: Identifying the Scribe of GB-Ob MS Tenbury 749. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
9. Klein, Tobias Robert:   Bach to Africa and Forward towards a global aesthetics of music. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
10. Koska, Bernd:   Bach's Thomaner--Disciples of their Teacher? [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
11. Matsubara, Kaoru:   Recognition of Counterpoint by the contemporaries of J. S. Bach. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
12. Murata, Kayo:   J. S. Bach no Weimar Jidai ni okeru Tasha Sakuhin no Juyo: J. G. Walther to no Taiihou Chishiki Kyoyu no Kanosei ni Chakumoku shite. [p]MSJ_Tokyo (Nov 2015)
13. Owens, Samantha:   Music via Correspondence: A List of the Collection of Kreuzkirche Organist Emanuel Benisch. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
14. Paczkowski, Szymon:   In the shadow of the Hofkapelle: music and musicians in the circle of the Dresden nobility during the reign of August II and August III. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
15. Rose, Stephen:   Creativity versus censorship in the Lutheran church cantata. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
16. Shabalina, Tatiana:   Activities around the composer's desk: the roles of Bach and his copyists in parody production. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
17. Smaill, Peter:   Prince Albert and the Reception of the Chorale in England. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
18. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Organists of Leipzig's royal Catholic chapel 1719-1740 (and beyond). [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
19. Strohm, Reinhard:   Balzan project and Bach. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
20. Szabó, Zoltán:   Critical edition or As You Like It. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)
21. Tomita, Yo:   Bahha no Sakkyoku Katei to Enso e no Hinto o 8-bun Onpu no Renko kara yomitoku. [p]MSJ_Tokyo (Nov 2015)
22. Tomita, Yo; Blanken, Christine; Hausmann, Christiane:   New Online Resources for Bach Scholarship. [p]BNUK_Cambridge (Jul 2015)

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