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1. Cortens, Evan:   Theological Allegory in the Cantatas of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Mar-Apr 2006)
2. Fisher, Stephen C.:   C.P.E. Bach's Sonatinas for Keyboard(s) and Orchestra. [p]AMS_NewEngland (Jan 2006)
3. Franck, Peter:   'A Fallacious Concept': The Role of Invertible Counterpoint within the Ursatz. [p]AMS_LosAngeles (Nov 2006)
4. Grieve, Emily:   The Dona nobis of J. S. Bach's B-Minor Mass: Discussion of the Added Significance of Musical Parody. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Mar-Apr 2006)
5. Lloyd, Rebecca:   Bach: Luther's Musical Prophet? [p]AMS_LosAngeles (Nov 2006)
6. Lutterman, John:   Works in Progress: The Scheibe-Birmbaum Controversy and Bach's Notational Practice. [p]AMS_NorthCalifornia (May 2006)
7. Oleskiewicz, Mary:   Rewriting the Recent Past: Icons, Anecdotes, and the Music of Eighteenth-Century Berlin. [p]AMS_LosAngeles (Nov 2006)
8. Rifkin, Joshua:   Bach's Struggle ... and Mine. [p]AMS_NewEngland (Apr 2006)
9. Schulenberg, David:   Fugues and Fingering: Scales and Other Technical Devices in Bach's Contrapuntal Works. [p]AMS_RhodeIsland (Sep 2006)
10. Traut, Don:   Bach's Tetrachords and Stravinsky's Blocks: The Sketches for the 'Grand Chorale'. [p]AMS_LosAngeles (Nov 2006)

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