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1. Bittmann, Antonius:   The Rebirth of Bach in the Spirit of Wagner: Max Reger's Phantasie und Fuge über Namen BACH, Op. 46 (1900). [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Mar 1999)
2. Butler, Gregory G.:   Using Chronological Markers to Establish Connexes of Bach's Concerto Movements. [p]AMS_PacificNorthwest (Apr 1999)
3. Ringer, Rebecca:   Context in Bach's Goldberg Variations. [p]AMS_Southwest (Apr 1999)
4. Silbiger, Alexander:   Bach and the Chaconne. [p]AMS_Southeast (Mar 1999)
5. Stockigt, Janice B.:   Performance Practice of the Electoral Saxon and Royal Polish Hofkapelle: Evidence from the Performance Materials of Gesł al Calvario, Jan Dismas Zelenka, 1735. [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)
6. Swack, Jeanne:   'Telemann's Chorus': Vocal Forces in Telemann's Frankfurt Cantatas and the Implications for the 'One on a Part' Controversy. [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)
7. Wright, Craig:   The Authenticity of and Theology behind Bach's Kleines harmonisches Labyrinth. [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)
8. Young, Hydalla Etheyo:   Observations and Analysis of Instrumental and Vocal Part-Writing in Selected Movements of Johann Sebastian Bach's B-Minor Mass. [p]AMS_SouthCentral (Mar 1999)
9. Zohn, Steven; Payne, Ian:   Bach, Telemann, and the Process of Transformative Imitation in BWV 1056/2 (156/1) [p]AMS_Kansas (Nov 1999)

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