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1. Bastian, James:   Johann Christian Bach's Dies Irae: A Young Composer's Search for a Style. [p]AMS_Midwest (Nov 1987)
2. Christensen, Thomas:   Nichelmann Contra C. P. E. Bach: Issues of Harmonic Theory in the Empfindsamer Stil. [p]AMS_NewOrleans (Oct 1987)
3. Crist, Stephen A.:   Aria Forms in Bach's First Leipzig Jahrgang. [p]AMS_Allegheny (Nov 1987)
4. Daub, Peggy:   The Audience for C.P.E. Bach's Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber. [p]AMS_Midwest (Nov 1987)
5. Geiringer, Karl:   C.P.E. Bach and the Viennese Classical School. [p]AMS_PacificSouthwest (Nov 1987)
6. Godt, Irving:   A Suite Little Bach Clue: A Date in BWV 1067. [p]AMS_Allegheny (Nov 1987)
7. Lee, Douglas A.:   C. P. E. Bach and a Free Fantasia for Keyboard. [p]AMS_Midwest (Mar 1987)
8. Livingstone, Ernest F.:   Thematic Relationships and Mathematical Structures as Ordering Principles in Bach's Art of the Fugue. [p]AMS_NewYorkState (Apr 1987)
9. Marshall, Robert L.:   A Lutheran Composer's Challenge: The Genesis of Bach's Magnificat. [p]AMS_NewEngland (Sep 1987)
10. Stanley, Glenn:   Bach's Erbe: The Chorale in the German Oratorio of the 19th Century. [p]AMS_GreaterNewYork (Mar 1987)

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