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1. Butler, Gregory G.:   New Research on J. S. Bach's Dritter Teil der Klavierübung (1739). [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)
2. Dreyfus, Laurence:   The Use of the Harpsichord in the Sacred Works of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)
3. Godt, Irving:   C.P.E. Bach: His Mark [p]AMS_Allegheny (Nov 1978)
4. Harriss, Ernest:   J. S. Agricola's Anleitung zur Singkunst: A Rich Source by a Pupil of J. S. Bach. [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)
5. Kilgore, Edna:   Bach's Sinfonia #7: A Study in Dynamic Symmetry. [p]AMS_Southwest (Nov 1978)
6. Lo, Vivien:   Schumann and Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. [p]AMS_NewYorkState (Sep 1978)
7. Ohl, John F.:   Bach's Horn Parts: Problems and Enigmas. [p]AMS_Capital (May 1978)
8. Price, Charles:   Tovey on Bach's Ritornellos: 'Perfection of Form and Clearness of Matter'. [p]AMS_MidAtlantic (Apr 1978)
9. Sallie, Michael:   Liszt and Numerology: Another Look at the Praeludium und Fuge über den Namen BACH. [p]AMS_NorthernCalifornia (May 1978)
10. Stauffer, George B.:   The Chronology of Bach's Free Organ Works. [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)
11. Wade, Rachel W.:   Authenticity Problems in the Concertos of C. P. E. Bach. [p]AMS_Minneapolis (Oct 1978)

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